CATIA V5 to IsoDraw CADverter gives competitive edge

Theorem Solutions CATIA V5 CADverter for PTC’s Arbortext IsoDraw application, the industry standard for the creation of Technical Illustration data delivers unrivaled translation capabilities to the heart of the IsoDraw environment.

Previously, CATIA models could only be imported using IGES (the Initial Graphics Exchange System) – a process requiring dedicated time and effort from illustrators and product designers.

The CATIA V5 to IsoDraw CADverter from Theorem is a simple and affordable solution providing a breakthrough in communication between design and technical publications functions.

Offered as standalone product from the source CAD application, CADverter for IsoDraw provides a highly cost-effective and easy to use bridge between CATIA V5 and the technical illustration process

Being able to use CATIA V5 design data within the technical illustration process brings a wealth of benefits and competitive edge in the global market place.

The CATIA V5 to IsoDraw CADverter removes labour intensive manual work involved in creating illustrations for product documentation as CATIA V5 data can now be used directly.

The result, significant time savings that help minimize the production time and costs of documentation.

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Theorem Partner in £1.3 Million Supply Chain Project

Government vision that supply chain excellence will play an important part in accelerating the current resurgence of UK design, engineering and manufacturing, has led to the creation of a £1.3 million project which has received over £640,000 funding from the government-backed Technology Strategy Board.

Known as VE-DRIVE (from V irtual E nterprise – D igital R esource, I ntegration, V isualisation & E xploitation) the project brings together specific knowledge and expertise from four project partners under the lead of Jaguar Land Rover and including BAE, Holovis International and Theorem Solutions.

Theorem Solutions will undertake the development and integration of new and emerging digital technology that will enable UK engineering and manufacturing to improve their operating efficiency to levels where cost and time savings will provide significant worldwide competitive advantage.

Don Phillips, Theorem Solutions Sales Director and project lead said, “ We are delighted to be partnering with such prestigious companies in this major Technology Strategy Board supported project . Each partner has something different to bring and we at Theorem have a long and successful history of providing the engineering and manufacturing community with a range of solutions for design and engineering collaboration. In addition we are developing interoperability solutions and automated processes that span the many different data types in common use in engineering supply chains as well as providing other essentials such as validation and checking and audit trail detail. Our role in the VE-DRIVE project is to provide a solution which brings together the different data used by the different tiers in the supply chain and to make the interchange simple and highly efficient.”

He added “In addition to well established data exchange software products, Theorem Solutions has over 200 man years interoperability experience in our consultancy team and has recently announced a number of process based interoperability solutions written by our own development team in Tamworth. It is our combination of expertise and development resource that makes us confident of being able to meet this challenge.”

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