CATIA V5 to IsoDraw CADverter gives competitive edge

Theorem Solutions CATIA V5 CADverter for PTC’s Arbortext IsoDraw application, the industry standard for the creation of Technical Illustration data delivers unrivaled translation capabilities to the heart of the IsoDraw environment.

Previously, CATIA models could only be imported using IGES (the Initial Graphics Exchange System) – a process requiring dedicated time and effort from illustrators and product designers.

The CATIA V5 to IsoDraw CADverter from Theorem is a simple and affordable solution providing a breakthrough in communication between design and technical publications functions.

Offered as standalone product from the source CAD application, CADverter for IsoDraw provides a highly cost-effective and easy to use bridge between CATIA V5 and the technical illustration process

Being able to use CATIA V5 design data within the technical illustration process brings a wealth of benefits and competitive edge in the global market place.

The CATIA V5 to IsoDraw CADverter removes labour intensive manual work involved in creating illustrations for product documentation as CATIA V5 data can now be used directly.

The result, significant time savings that help minimize the production time and costs of documentation.

To find out more about how this unique product can work for you… click here


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