A productivity enhancing Unified Interface has been included in CADverter V.18!

As part of the CADverter V.18 release, Theorem Solutions have developed a new Unified Interface (UI) to be used as a productivity tool for existing users, and as a publishing tool for new users.

This new UI can support existing V.18 product lines such as CATIA↔NX or JT (both unidirectional and bi-directional),    Creo ↔ JT (unidirectional and bi-directional) as well as the new CATIA, NX, JT and Creo→ PDF (unidirectional only) product lines

The UI has a number of useful functions which allow the user to create a methodology for large translations and can increase productivity in a variety of ways.

It can be used as a file browser with both a geometry viewer and a product structure viewer included so that the user can view the 3D geometry or they can see it displayed as a structural hierarchy showing the different parts and sub –assemblies.

The UI file browser
The UI file browser

In terms of data preparation, it allows the user to hone their translation  strategy before automating the process by letting them receive and review  data. Then, using the translator configuration tool, decide what is needed  and then thin out the data so that the user only has what is required. It  can also save time by providing a batch processing tool, so the user can  prepare all of the data to be batch processed but can defer the translation  job until a more convenient time (i.e. overnight).With the addition of a  job status viewer and a log monitor there is a simple and efficient way to  keep a list of currently running jobs and monitor what has happened with each job, being notified of errors etc.

As well as publishing to multiple outputs such as NX, JT, V5 and Creo from a single data source, there is now also an easy option to publish to a 3D PDF, which can be done using existing company PDF templates to which the 3D geometry is added.

UI batch translation

    The new UI is there to aid in the development and streamlining of the      user’s translation strategy, saving time and increasing productivity by  allowing the data to be sifted through, filtered into what is necessary and    then translated in batches at a suitable and convenient time for the user.



For more information on Theorem’s Unified Interface, CADverter V.18 and Theorem Solutions visit:



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