Being a member of the 3DPDF Consortium helps us to spread the word on 3DPDF.

We are committed to making sure that 3DPDF is adopted by businesses spanning all types of industries, from Automotive to Mining, and that is why we are proud to be members of the 3DPDF Consortium.

This non-profit worldwide member organisation is a community dedicated to driving the adoption of 3DPDF enabled solutions and providing input for the industry when establishing standards for 3DPDF’s. As Theorem has always adhered to STEP and ISO standards, we believe that when developing and releasing our own 3DPDF publishing product it is best to work alongside others with the same end goal.

Theorem are keen too ensure the future of the 3DPDF data format, and our Publish 3D product creates the opportunity for organisations to increase their productivity by using the 3DPDF document format to easily share 3D CAD data throughout their organisation and up and down their supply chains.

Being a member of the 3DPDF Consortium allows us to have technical input into the standards process so that we can make sure that our Publish 3D products comply with the professional standards set down, and by being a member it also allows us early visibility to emerging technical features and requirements of the standard.

As a member, there are additional benefits to us as a company, as the Consortium acts as a unified representation of the industry. It also provides us with a relay site for press releases and case studies and allows us to have a stronger market visibility through Consortium activities.

We hope that with the additional support and resources that the 3DPDF Consortium affords us we can continue to develop 3DPDF solutions that can transform the way organisations communicate product data within themselves and with others.

For more information on Theorem Solutions and our Publish 3D suite of products please visit:

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