Theorem’s Seminar and Webinar Series

At Theorem, we have recently embarked upon a series of seminars and webinars to help introduce some of our products to potential customers in a more interactive way.

As well as using the usual methods to advertise- such as press releases, social media and articles in publications- we decided that it would be useful if customers could learn about the features and benefits of our products by actually seeing demonstrations of how our products work and how the product could fit into their organisation.

Our first seminar was held back in April and focused on “3D PDF and Supply Chain Collaboration”. It was held at the MTC (Manufacturing Technology Centre) in Coventry (of which we are a member). Attendees were presented with information on what a 3D PDF is and our Publish 3D suite of products. They were then given a demonstration of how Publish 3D works, taking CAD data and creating a 3D PDF. A Q&A was then held so that attendees could ask questions and delve into the technicalities of the product in more detail.

Our seminar venue, the MTC in Coventry
Our seminar venue, the MTC in Coventry

We even included lunch and a tour of the MTC facilities!

A webinar then followed a couple of weeks later for those who could not attend the event, which went along the same lines of being introduced to 3D  PDF and then having a technical demonstration of how a 3D PDF is created.

There will be more to come in this series so follow us on social media and  keep an eye on our website more more information

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