Theorem are headed to the Daimler EDM CAE Forum

The  Theorem Solutions  team will be in Stuttgart from 21st-23rd July 2015 at the Daimler EDM CAE Forum

We will be demonstrating the latest version of our Multi-CAD CADverter for V5 and V6 users, Publish 3D for publishing as well as PDM Exchange, the latest project based data exchange solution for companies needing to exchange Engineering Documents and associated CAD data.

We will be located in the ‘Digital Factory’ exhibition space (booth DF03/04) so come and see Multi-CAD in action. This amazing plugin allows you to insert JT, NX and CREO files, into your CATIA session, and work on them, whilst maintaining associativity in CATIA back to the original JT, NX and CREO formats.

Also on show will be Publish 3D, Theorem’s 3D PDF publishing solution.  Imagine being able to share any interactive 3D model with anyone in the world without the requirement for CAD viewing software.  Come and see for yourself how interactive 3D PDFs are revolutionising knowledge sharing and collaboration inside organisations and up and down the supply chain.

As well as exhibiting our products, our Technical Director, Trevor Leeson, will be giving a presentation discussing ‘New Features in the World of Data Exchange’.

In the world of data exchange for automotive companies, JT is still seen as the format of choice for sharing mechanical design and manufacturing data. All of the leading automotive OEM’s have signed up to an agreement that will utilise JT as a sharable format between the OEM’s and their suppliers.

Throughout this community there are a variety of different CAD systems being used and therefore to enable the sharing of the data based upon JT, the ability to translate this data is a key requirement. Being able to track any changes is also a key benefit to implementing a translation strategy.

Trevor will discuss and demonstrate the support of JT within the Dassault multi- CAD architecture, a core capability of both CATIA V5 and 3DEXPERIENCE V6. In addition he will discuss the support for STEP AP 242 BOM with subordinate JT data as the next generation of JT data.

He will also discuss the solutions available to author enriched PDF documents using the new Publish 3D products. These are able to be fully integrated into the CAD application itself or alternatively run as batch processes within any workflow.

We will also be available to offer expert advice on our range of CAD, Viz and STEP translators as well as data solutions including CAD and PLM migration, Data Exchange Automation and Long Term Data Archiving Solutions.

For more information on Theorem and our range of data solutions visit

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