Theorem to host ‘Intelligent Engineering with 3D PDF’ seminar

We are hosting our first morning Seminar of 2016: ‘Intelligent Engineering with 3D PDFon Thursday 3rd March 2016 at the newly constructed Advanced Manufacturing Technology Centre (AMTC) in Coventry between 10.00am and 12.30pm.

Over the past 12 months we have run a number of very successful morning Seminars on the increasingly popular topic of 3D PDF for Engineering and Manufacturing companies.

The seminar will focus on the use of 3D PDF for Intelligent Engineering covering:

  • The 3D PDF format and its use within organisations and supply chains
  • How 3D PDF is helping to improve internal and external communication
  • How 3D PDF removes ambiguity from the documentation process
  • How 3D PDF supports Model Based Definition (MBD) as a means to communicate design intent through to manufacturing replacing the traditional 2D drawing creation
  • How sharing 3D information with other departments, such as Purchasing, Marketing, Manufacturing and Sales can improve a company’s communication and processes, whilst reducing costs
  • Demonstrations – Publish 3D – Product Suite



A 3D PDF is a standard PDF document that contains interactive 3D content. 3D PDF documents can be consumed by anybody who has access to the free Adobe Reader – from Engineering to Purchasing, Quality & Inspection to Sales & Marketing- helping to unlock Engineering design data for “non-engineers” without the need for specialist tools or knowledge.
Lunch will be provided, giving individuals a chance to network followed by an optional tour of the impressive MTC and AMTC facilities.


To download an example 3D PDF click here:

For more information on the seminar, 3D PDF or Theorem Solutions visit

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