The benefits of working in a single design environment with foreign data containing full MBD information

When designing and manufacturing complex products that contain 100s or 1000s of components, there will inevitably be a large supply chain involved. However, when design data needs to be exchanged during the design process, different CAD software may be being used by the different suppliers, which can cause problems. CAD to CAD and CAD to Visualization translators are available, but what if the OEM uses CATIA and needs to also access supplied CAD data in the NX, CREO or JT formats directly from within their CATIA design environment without the use for external translation tools?

Our Multi-CAD solution allows designers and engineers to do just that. Based upon the Dassault Systemes XCAD infrastructure, it allows CATIA V5 and 3DEXPERIENCE users to incorporate parts and assemblies from the other CAD systems, such as NX and Creo, or visualization data in the JT format within the CATIA environment without having to use external translators.


It does so by loading the files directly into CATIA and using the existing command of “Insert existing component”. Multi-CAD validates the integrity of the data as it comes into CATIA. The beauty of our Multi-CAD solution is the interlinking of the CATIA and foreign CAD data allowing the user to work with different sets of data within a single interactive operation.

Our Multi-CAD solutions also support the processing of Model Based Definition (MBD) information, which helps in streamlining product development into a paper free process by publishing an information rich 3D CAD model that fully defines a product.

By supporting MBD, Multi-CAD can also reduce the processing time of large CAD models as specific views can be filtered and processed at the point of output.

Using Multi-CAD offers a greater level of security and protection as the link to the source data is a direct link without the need to leave the application or use 3rd party external applications. This also removes any errors that can occur from potentially working with old, out of date data.

Theorem’s Multi-CAD application for CATIA is a low cost and efficient solution to the problems that can be encountered when different CAD systems collaborate on projects and ensures the integrity of the CAD data whilst allowing the seamless transfer of files between users.

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