Integrating CADverter into any design and manufacturing process saves time, money and resources, whilst improving quality and efficiency

When working with suppliers on different design projects, or a single partner with a specific but different CAD system to the one you use, the need to exchange design data between systems will be necessary, but may prove problematic. The CADverter brand and flagship of Theorem Solutions for over 20 years has a product focus specifically on the direct translation of 3D data to or from alternate mechanical CAD systems, as well as STEP products.

CADverter products give you the edge and capability that you need to receive, create or share CAD data that is not native to your own organisation. CADverter allows direct translation between many of the worlds’ leading mechanical CAD/CAM systems, including CATIA, NX, Creo and SolidWorks, as well as standards based formats such as STEP, translating 3D Product Manufacturing Information (PMI) assembly structure, geometry, attributes and Metadata. In certain products, there is also support for the processing of Model Based Definition (MBD) information from the native CAD into the chosen alternate CAD format.


Included with certain CADverter products, Theorem’s recently released Unified Interface (UI), which supersedes Theorem’s CADviewer and Data Exchange Navigator (DXN) products, has been specifically developed to optimise both data exchange and downstream processes using a single application that can be used to view, filter, translate and even publish interactive documentation from native 3D CAD data.

Incorporating all elements required for successful data exchange, Theorem’s unified interface can be configured to suit a number of use cases and individual user types.

Using the UI with CADverter products can increase efficiency as it incCADverter - CATIA V5 NXludes tools that let the user decide on the data that is needed, and then thins the data out so that the user only has what they require, which can then be saved into the desired format. Using the UI can save valuable man hours as there is a batch processing tool available, so that the user can prepare all of the data to be batch processed but can defer the translation job until a more convenient time (i.e. overnight). The UI also has a number of useful functions which allow the user to create a methodology for large translations and can increase productivity in a variety of ways, allowing them to work interactively, in batch or via the command line interface.

Our high quality, cost effective CADverter solutions help to solve the issue of working with and sharing incompatible data formats. As an independent company, with strong, long standing business relationships with all major CAD vendors, we offer best in class CADverter solutions to meet many use case requirements for organizations of all sizes.

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