Theorem’s range of products for the Creo user will be on display at PTC LiveWorx 2016

With LiveWorx 2016 being the largest networking and education event for the PTC user community, it is the perfect opportunity for Theorem, as a PTC partner, to showcase our latest Creo and Creo View productivity enhancing solutions.

This year’s event takes place in Boston, USA from 6th-9th May. If you drop by the Theorem booth (C5), we will be demonstrating the latest version of our Publish 3D suite of products for Creo users. Our Chief Technology Officer, Mark Stowe, will also be presenting ‘Publishing 3D PDF Documents from Creo’ on Wednesday 8th June, from the Partner Demo and Product Showcase Theatre in the Xtropolis Expo hall.

Publish 3D is our 3D PDF solution for the Creo user. It lets you share any interactive 3D model with anyone in the world without the requirement for CAD viewing software. Theorem’s Publish 3D – 3D PDF solutions enable the creation of documents enriched with interactive 3D content directly from native CAD applications in to the PDF format. Come and see how interactive 3D PDFs are revolutionising knowledge sharing and collaboration inside organisations, and up and down the supply chain.

The Publish 3D product suite supports Model Based Engineering (MBE), helping to improve and streamline Design to Manufacturing processes by replacing the traditional 2D drawing with a completely digital method of communication.

To find out more about 3D PDF, please watch our ‘What is 3D PDF?’ overview:

Theorem’s Visualize 3D products for Creo users will also be on display.

Visualize 3D products support lightweight data formats, including Creo View, focusing specifically on the direct translation of 3D CAD data from mechanical CAD systems for the purpose of Visualization which enables users to work with and share data directly between different CAD and Visualization applications.

We will also be demonstrating the newest versions of our Creo to NX and V5 translators that offer direct translation of CAD to CAD and interactive design-in- context solutions, as Theorem believe that there is no one single solution for collaboration. The right solution is determined by the individual use case and not by a particular format.

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