Theorem’s latest Visualize 3D CATIA V5 to Creo View Adapter supports CATIA V5 R26 and a range of productivity enhancing Add-ons

We are pleased to announce the release of our latest V19.3 Visualize 3D Adapter for CATIA V5 to Creo View users.

V19.3 now supports up to and including CATIA V5 R18-21, V5-6R2012-2016 and Creo View 3.1.

This latest Visualize 3D product also has a number of add-ons available to the user that provide additional enhancements and capabilities, allowing users to make the most out of their CATIA V5 and Creo View data.

Some of the latest features and enhancements available to V19.3 users include:

  • 3D PDF Add on- the ability to save as a 3D PDF from either a recipe file setting or a job file (requires an optional Theorem License.)
  • Advanced Publishing Add on- facilitating the publishing to multiple additional outputs such as STEP, IGES and DWG alongside the original Creo View output
  • Support for the new Theorem Unified Interface (UI).

Using Theorem’s Visualize 3D V19.3 as a direct conversion tool between CATIA V5 to Creo View reduces processing time, simplifies integration and retains accuracy of the model.

V19.3 can also be integrated into WindChill, allowing CATIA V5 managed data to be published and visualized on demand. As the Creo View data output is then synchronized with the CATIA source, an accurate up-to-date version of the design is always available, reducing costly errors.

The CATIA V5 to Creo View suite helps to secure your Intellectual Property, but at the same time supports a rich enough set of design data intelligence so that suppliers have all of the information required to complete their job.

Our Visualize 3D brand supports lightweight data formats with a product focus specifically on the direct translation of 3D CAD data from mechanical CAD systems for the purpose of Visualization, enabling users to work with and share data directly between different CAD and Visualization applications and are aimed at creating visualization data for users of digital mock-up, desktop and tablet viewing applications.

Our strategic partnerships with Dassault Systemes and PTC ensures that there is parallel development between the latest releases of CATIA V5 and Creo View, and Theorem’s Visualize 3D products, allowing us to continue to provide data solutions for the CAD community.

If you would like more information visit

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