Theorem Solutions partner with AVASIS

AVASIS, a highly experienced and established Siemens PLM provider for small, medium and large enterprises across both Germany and Switzerland, has signed a partnership agreement with Theorem Solutions to offer our Publish 3D products to the German and Swiss market. AVASIS’ team of qualified, motivated and performance-orientated individuals provide Product Lifecycle Management services, based on their mission statement of reliability, inspiration and commitment to customers.

This partnership with Theorem represents an important opportunity to provide our best-in-class products and services to its customers and the wider market. AVASIS will sell our products, with a focus on our Publish 3D product suite, offering a 3D PDF publishing solution for the NX and JT user.

I am delighted Theorem have signed this agreement with AVASIS. In recent years, due to the change in our product suite, Theorem have seen an opportunity to work together with AVASIS, and we are very pleased to have finally signed this agreement. Theorem are eager to build on this relationship to deliver the growth that both companies strive for and I am very confident this new business relationship will prove to be mutually beneficial

Neil Wharton, Business Development Manager
Theorem Solutions

As an experienced PLM service provider in the field of industrial machinery, as well as in the medical device industry, we are convinced that Theorem Solutions’ 3D PDF suite will offer our customers real added value. We have known Theorem Solutions for a long time and I am very pleased that we were able to sign this agreement. This is a genuine extension to our range of first-class services and Siemens products, which will benefit our customers.”

Nelson Labbate, PLM Project Manager

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