What are Digital Realities?

Digital Realities is the brand name for our newest suite of products developed for visualizing and leveraging CAD and PLM data assets in the latest low-cost Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality devices.

These innovative technologies are helping to democratize access to visualization data, enabling engineers to take advantage of what was once the preserve of the specialist.

We provide a Visualization Experience for all three technologies – it is data and device agnostic, so you only need to prepare your data once, but then you can use it across devices. Whether it’s Augmented, Mixed or Virtual Reality you want to use your CAD or PLM assets in, we provide that experience.

“Theorem have been helping major engineering and manufacturing users leverage the value of their CAD and PLM assets for over 25 years”, explains Stuart Thurlby, our CEO. “In 2015 we decided to look at these new low cost devices and we soon realized that the technology was really about democratising the visualization of engineering and manufacturing data. Visualization is something we’ve been involved in since the 1990’s with our work around Virtual Reality data.”

“It was the logical move forward for us from a technology perspective because we have a long and deep understanding of the market, and a proven track record of working with Engineering and Manufacturing data using our core robust technologies”, Stuart continues.  “We are in a good position to create the ultimate interactive user experiences utilising existing CAD and PLM data assets from CATIA 3DEXPERIENCE, CATIA V5, CREO, Inventor, JT, NX, SolidWorks and STEP formats”.

Our products deliver experiences to these new devices, which enable CAD and PLM assets to be visualized in new ways. They allow that data to be combined with data from other systems; such as CRM, ERP, MES and legacy systems to add further value. The combined data can then be visualized and manipulated in the Visualization Experience App.

Out of the box, Digital Realities can be used to address a wide range of use cases in Engineering and Manufacturing. It delivers product and process improvements, reducing cost and accelerating time to market.

In addition, the Visualization Experience can be built upon to create your specific experience for any use case including Design, Manufacturing Build, Inspection, Service, Training, Sales and Marketing.

To learn more, watch our short introductory video- http://www.theorem.com/Digital-Realities/Digital-Realities.htm

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