Theorem Solutions to demonstrate Augmented (AR), Mixed (MR) and Virtual Reality (VR) App at Develop3D Live 2018

We are back at Develop3D Live this year and are excited to be exhibiting as a Gold sponsor. You can find us at stand #54/55 in the Mead Gallery.

Taking place on 20th March 2018 at Warwick Arts Centre, Warwick University, Develop3D Live is the perfect opportunity for us to demonstrate our latest Multi-Device Visualization Experience Application for:

  • Augmented Reality– Windows 10 and Android tablets and phones
  • Mixed Reality– Microsoft HoloLens
  • Virtual Reality– HTC Vive and Oculus Rift

Our Principal Technical Consultant Trevor Leeson will be speaking (10.50am in the Oculus Theatre) about how to start your Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality journey in Engineering and Manufacturing.

We’ve been helping engineering and manufacturing companies to leverage the value of their CAD and PLM data assets and processes for over 25 years and have recently released a data and device agnostic Visualization Experience application to utilize those data assets for Augmented, Mixed and Virtual reality devices – part of our Digital Realities product portfolio.

The Visualization Experience is a single application built from the ground up using a gaming graphics engine to produce stunning graphical representations of your data, which is a real game changer compared to the world of traditional CAD graphics and visualization.

By being data and device agnostic, the application allows you to use the same data, in the same visualization application, on ALL of the different low-cost devices. The application can be downloaded and installed on each device in minutes.

These low-cost devices are bringing an entirely new dimension to the way you can interact with your Engineering and Manufacturing data, democratising the use of AR, MR and VR and complementing the use of Caves and Powerwall’s by putting the technology in the hands of everybody.

Our Visualization Experience must be ‘experienced’ in order to realise the potential, and you will be able to have hands-on demonstrations on stand #54/55. Information on our Publish 3D – 3D PDF, Visualize 3D, Multi-CAD and CADverter products and solutions will also be available.

For more information please visit

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