Start your Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality journey with Theorem at UKIEF 2018

We will be exhibiting at the UK Intelligent Engineering Forum on 25th April 2018.

Held at the Advanced Manufacturing Technology Centre (AMTC) in Coventry, UKIEF is an opportunity for us to showcase our Digital Realities product portfolio to some of the UK’s leading engineering organisations.

We have recently released our Visualization Experience app to utilize CAD and PLM data assets in Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality.

We currently provide experiences for:

  • Augmented Reality: Android, Windows 10 and iOS based devices
  • Mixed Reality: Microsoft HoloLens
  • Virtual Reality: HTC Vive and Oculus Rift

These experiences utilise existing CAD and PLM data assets, and can also merge data from other databases such as ERP, MES and CRM, along with proprietary databases to further add value to Digital Realities.

We will also be running a ‘Starting your AR, MR and VR journey’ workshop where visitors to UKIEF will be able to participate in practical demonstrations with these devices so that they can experience, and interact with, the full capabilities of these technologies.

Our aim is to get you thinking about the impact that these new technologies can have on your organisation. How using proof of concept for each device type will help to define uses cases and buy-in based on established business processes, whilst leveraging existing CAD and PLM assets. Most importantly, why you should remain device agnostic in an ever evolving digital realm.

We recently hosted a webinar on the topic which is available to view upon registration:

By putting these low cost devices into the hands of everybody, and democratising the use of AR, MR and VR, Theorem’s Visualization Experiences are opening up an entirely new way to interact with Engineering and Manufacturing data up and down the supply chain, in all areas, including: Design, Manufacturing, Assembly, Training, Service and Digital Twin.

Our Visualization Experience app must be ‘experienced’ in order to realise its potential, and you will be able to have hands-on demonstrations at the Theorem stand. Information on our Publish 3D – 3D PDF, Visualize 3D, Multi-CAD and CADverter products and solutions will also be available.

For more information visit

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