3D PDF- Making engineering data accessible

3D PDF is the ideal choice when needing to share, exchange and consume CAD and PLM assets outside of the traditional CAD packages.

The standard features of an Adobe 3D PDF document make for the perfect interactive viewer. It is lightweight, portable and secure. Using Theorem’s Publish 3D solution makes it easier for CAD and PLM assets to be shared, exchanged, and consumed outside of any source application, without requiring any specialist knowledge.

With such comprehensive features available as standard, the possibility to enhance a 3D PDF document further is possible by using Theorem’s Publish 3D solution to create interactive documentation using pre-defined templates combined with added intelligence.

Each document type has its own target audience and function, meaning content can be tailored to suit. The same information can be displayed and filtered in very different ways, catering for all aspects of an organization and many different use cases including:

  • Works Instructions
  • Request For Quotations (RFQ)
  • Bill of Materials (BOM)
  • Inspection Reports
  • Purchase Orders
  • Engineering Change Requests
  • Sales and Marketing brochures

The use of 3D PDF means that anybody can now consume, view and mark-up 3D data with Adobe’s ubiquitous Reader, eliminating the need to install specialist viewing software or to be trained to use a special tool.

3D PDF is a great way of leveraging CAD and PLM assets. It reduces costs and time to manufacture, improves quality by eliminating potential errors due to transcription and interpretation of drawing data, it safeguards intellectual property and it can also save on expensive CAD licenses.

Designed for organisations of all sizes, Theorem’s Publish 3D solutions are based on the original Adobe® and vendor specific technology, therefore are fully compatible with Acrobat and native CAD systems enabling users to take the intelligence contained within a 3D model directly in to the world of PDF.

Want to find out how 3D PDF could help you?

Theorem are hosting a webinar to discuss the use cases for leveraging existing CAD and PLM assets for use by Manufacturing departments within interactive 3D PDF.

Please select from the times below and register your details to attend:

*A recording of the webinar will be available after the event.

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