Theorem resolves two data issues with a single CATIA to Creo solution

Theorem’s Universal CATIA translator for Creo Parametric (Pro/ENGINEER) automatically differentiates between CATIA V5 and V4 data when converting to Creo Parametric in a single operation.

The UNIVERSAL CATIA <> Creo Parametric CADverter is a direct database converter between both CATIA V4 and CATIA V5 modelling applications and the PTC Creo Parametric file format. It enables users to convert all forms of 3 Dimensional Mechanical Design Geometry and Assembly data, together with system defined attribute information and colour information, between these systems.

This single translator accepts all combinations of CATIA V4 or CATIA V5 data and processes it directly into the PTC Creo Parametric file format.

It doesn’t matter if the CATIA V4 data is in EXPORT, MODEL, SESSION or CATIA V4 Assembly Modeller format; they are all seamlessly processed from CATIA to the Creo Parametric file format.

When processing CATIA V5 data, the same translator is capable of processing all combinations of CATProduct or CATPart files or even CATProducts that include references to native CATIA V4 models.

Theorem’s Universal CATIA <> Creo Parametric CADverter satisfies all requirements for processing any format of CATIA data into the Creo Parametric file format or outputting either CATIA V4 or V5 data from conversion of an Creo Parametric file.

To improve the performance of an overall translation process, the user may select subsets of the input CATIA data to be processed. Focusing the translator to process only those specific geometry elements required reduces the overall time taken to process the data and eliminates the need to post process the output data.

Providing a complete solution within a single product, Theorem’s Universal CATIA to Creo CADverter eliminates the need for users to identify which version of CATIA the target data is supplied in. It not only identifies and converts mixed native CATIA V5 and V4 files automatically, but also recognizes and translates CATIA V5 assemblies that include embedded V4 data – all without operator input.

Most single version translators are unable to accommodate such shared format assemblies, Theorem’s Universal CATIA CADverter more than exceeds the capabilities of separate products – as even a combination of stand-alone V5 and V4 translators will fail to meet all user requirements.

Theorems Universal CATIA CADverter is a specifically designed translator supporting both 32bit and 64bit processing.

Priced as a single translator with a single maintenance cost the latest offering from Theorem resolves two data issues with a single solution saving time, effort and money!

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Theorem’s 1st CATIA V6 JT CADverter is now available

Theorem Solutions CADverter portfolio has taken on a new dimension with the arrival of the 1st CATIA V6 translation product with more to follow in the coming months.

Theorem’s first translator for CATIA V6 <> JT is now available!

Theorem’s strong partnership with Dassault Systemes and reputation for quality and robustness of product ensures that the first CATIA V6 translators will not disappoint!

Enabling direct translation of data between CATIA V6 and JT for the first time, the new CADverter from Theorem is already proving to be an important addition to the company’s portfolio.

Theorem’s CATIA V6 to/from JT translator enables the translation of all types of JT data into and out of the CATIA V6 format using the 3DXML file format.

The use of Dassault Systemes strategic XCAD and Siemens JT Open technology ensures full compatibility, delivers high quality data and business benefits. The 3DXML data is a full and complete translation of the JT file, including Brep solids and surfaces, tessellated data, PMI (product manufacturing information), structure and colour which can be opened and worked up directly in CATIA V6 providing users with new methods and extends the use of 3D design data within a business enterprise and across supply chains and allows for use in CATIA V6, 3DLive, 3DVIA Composer, Delmia and Enovia.

The CATIA V6 <> JT CADverter works with Enovia V6 as standard, reflecting the CATIA V6 application processes. It can be used interactively or in batch mode depending upon a user’s requirements, but unlike other Theorem CADverters, this particular product has been designed specifically to be incorporated into process-oriented operations and so is integrated and runs under the management of PLM.

The new CADverter’s intuitive Graphical User Interface eliminates the need for users to remember complex syntax or undergo extensive training

Ongoing compatibility with CATIA V6 and JT is assured through Theorem’s licensing of API technology from both application sources. As a result, the new CADverter’s architecture enables the translator to be employed without any need to access JT but a licensed version of the CATIA V6 application is required.

Available for immediate shipment, Theorem’s CATIA V6 to JT CADverter is offered as a bi-directional configuration for unrestricted data transfer between the two formats CATIA V6 and JT.

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