Long Term Data Archiving (LTDA) Solutions using STEP and JT

Theorem Solutions provides long term data archiving solutions using STEP and JT to Archive Engineering and Manufacturing data!

Businesses of all sizes must archive engineering and manufacturing data in order to meet legal and product liability obligations, however, historically, it has only ever been possible to archive 2D data using formats like Tiff, CGM or even microfilm. Whereas today’s 3D data contains much richer content and can be archived as full representations.

3D CAD data is proprietary though, so unsuitable for long term data archiving. Eventually, operating systems and hardware used to create and store 3D data will also become obsolete.

STEP and JT are now considered the safest formats to use because they are neutral standards based formats that aren’t proprietary

Choosing a format to get proprietary data into is not a complete solution!

Using Theorem’s Long Term Data Archiving Solutions powered by TPM (Theorem Process Manager) which incorporates automated validation & checking procedures at the point of archive completes the process by avoiding corrupt or invalid legacy data being stored.

Theorem’s automated Long Term Data Archiving tools stop the costly problem of legacy data arising. Theorem can tailor and automate the entire archival process in-line with existing procedures and processes to migrate current 3D design data into the STEP or JT data formats then validate and check that the archived data has been correctly created and stored. Email notifications are sent at every point of the process!

Theorem’s automated Long Term Data Archiving solutions can be of benefit:

  • Remove the cost of maintaining Legacy Data and Proprietary Systems
  • Provide a solution to stop the problem of legacy data arising again
  • Help maintain data for 35-50 years
  • Integrate and automate validation and checking applications in to the process.
  • Process and validate existing legacy data in to the chosen archive format
  • Provide automated notification and support interactive review of corrupt or invalid data
  • Define automated alternate solutions for data that fails the standard process. This may include changes to acceptance criteria
  • Assist in the selection of archive format
  • Provide STEP and JT translators
  • Tailored solutions to meet any Long Term Archiving requirement inline with existing procedures and processes
  • Theorem’s CADverter translation products have 20+ years of industrial use, robustness and quality is well proven, reducing your business risk.

Find out more about Theorem’s automated tailored solutions here: http://www.theorem.com/Archiving/

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